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HolidayMay 26, 202310 min

01. Example Post Template

Meta description, maximum 155-160 characters. Appears on search results, top of the blog post, and the preview on blog homescreen.

By Zak Price

Pretty view :)

A pretty view :))

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Hi it's me, Eric!

by Eric

Header 1 (Titles)

Header 2 (Subtitles/large quotes/etc.)

Header 3 (Section break/etc.)

Formatting guidelines:

  • Bolded text can be used by selecting text and clicking the "F" icon on the body text toolbar or by beginning and ending text with two asterisks.
  • Italic text can be used the same by selecting the "I" icon in the editor or by using underscores before and after text.
  • <u>Underlined</u> text uses the "<u>U</u>" icon or by beginning and ending text with <u></u>, respectively (this rarely works, as can be seen, and I don't understand how to make it work).
  • To insert a link in the Strapi panel, select the text you'd like to be linked, select the three dots "..." in the above toolbar, and click the link icon. Upon doing so, simply replace the "link" text with the link. Linked text will automatically be underlined (links can also be included in header text). Links must follow the https:// format.
  • Within the same "..." options, text can be formatted with a strikethrough, ordered/unordered lists, HTML inset code, body image inserts, and block quotes.
  • Bold, italic, and hyperlink options can be combined: EXAMPLE

Block quotes:

  • Block quotes can be started by using ">" followed by a space before a text line, or by selecting the " icon from the "..." menu in the text editor.
  • Block quotes are automatically bolded, but can be formatted with the prior options.
  • Example:

OOOOOOhhhh look it's a block quote yippee!

Unordered lists:

  • Unordered lists are formatted by beginning each new line with a dash, "-"
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Ordered lists:

  1. Ordered lists are formatted by beginning each item with a number followed by a period, "5./3./1./etc."
  2. Ordered lists suck because the Strapi platform recognizes each line in the entire text box to be counted, hence this out of order list.
  3. Ordered list items must be separated from the prior text by two blank line entries.
  4. Creating an ordered list in proper order can be achieved by typing in the number manually and bolding it:

1. Item 1

2. Item 2

Body images:

  • Selecting the picture icon will automatically insert the selected image into the text.
  • This will be denoted by an exclamation point, "!" and the image's assigned alt text.
  • The image will not be displayed with any assigned description text, unline the header image.
  • Larger images are preferred.
  • Images will be landscape.
  • Example:

Pretty view :)

Uplaoding pictures:

  • "previewimage" and "featureimage" boxes on the blog editor panel can be used to upload images.
  • Upon uploading an image, one can edit the alt text (used for accessibility purposes to describe the content of the image) as well as the image's description (displayed below it on the blog post).
  • The "previewimage" picture will show up on links, search results, and the blog homepage preview.
  • The "featureimage" will be displayed on the blog post and will feature the description text.
  • Images can be formatted as horizontal or vertical from the "templateType" dropdown menu at the top of the blog editor and will wrap text accordingly, make sure to upload the corresponding image type to fit the selected format.

Author, tags, and read time:

  • Selecting a read duration can be done with the "readDuration" dropdown menu at the top of the blog editor.
  • Selecting tags for the post can be done in the "tags" dropdown menu at the bottom of the post editor, multiple tags can be applied to a post.
  • Selecting an author can be done with the "author" dropdown menu at the bottom of the same page.
  • Adding tags or authors can be done from the Strapi dashboard by selecting the "Content Manager" item and selecting either the "Tag" or "Author" subcategories and following the given prompts.


  • Below the body text box in the blog post editor is the "blogList" box.
  • By clicking the "+" icon, one can add mulitple numbered list items that display an image and a description that can be edited with the same formatting options as described above.
  • One can add a specific image (formatted vertically) by using the "image" box.
  • To add an item that automatically links to dot TV and pulls the according item cover for the movie or show, click the "+" icon at the bottom of the list item box.
  • Select whether the item is a movie or show from the "category" dropdown menu.
  • In the "thirdPartyId" box, paste the numeric code displayed at the end of the movie/show's link. Example: -> paste "808"
1) Shrek
Shrek poster

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3



Block quote

2) Shrek 2
Shrek 2 poster


General notes:

  • This text following the list items can be added via the "postBlogListText" box found the "blogList" box.
  • The amount of space between lines of text cannot be edited (to my knowledge).
  • The image sizes cannot be changed either.
  • DO NOT USE EMOJIS. They will break everything and the post draft could suffer data loss.

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