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NetflixDec 16, 20225 min

All the Best Christmas Titles to Stream in December 2022

Here come the carolers; check out all the best titles to stream while you wait for jolly old Saint Nick!

By Zak Price

Stream classic fan-favorite Christmas films like It's a Wonderful Life this 2022 holiday season.
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Well, it’s that time of the year again; whether your Christmas traditions consist more of sipping eggnog (no judgements here), exploring new ways to wrap gifts, or spending quality time with loved ones, everybody needs some downtime during the holiday season. In the spirit of giving, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the best Christmas titles available to watch right now on all your favorite streaming platforms. So, if you’re asking yourself:

  • What classic Christmas movies can I watch with my family?
  • Where can I find my favorite Christmas movie?
  • What can I watch while staying up all night to catch Santa?
  • How many cinematic versions of Ebenezer Scrooge are there?

Then look no further, here are some of the best movies and shows to watch this holiday season broken down by streaming service!

Make sure to check out our recent post if you’d like to know where to find your favorite free-to-watch Christmas content.

The Most Unhinged Christmas TV Show Episodes

Movies that take place during the Christmas season are some of the most widely available, easily adaptable, and remake-friendly stories out there (get Scrooged). However, the same cannot be said for more episodic forms of media. When it comes to TV series with established worlds and characters that aren’t specifically written to fit into a holiday-centric narrative at conception, it is no small task to get such characters out of their routines and into one that is just as familiar to audiences as it is unfamiliar to the characters. That being said, here are a few examples of TV episodes where characters bring their own–let’s say–charm to the holiday season.

Warning: watching these episodes could result in winding up on the naughty list.

Our 5 top picks:

  1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Hulu) - Season 6, Episode 13: Oh, boy... It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s “A Very Sunny Christmas” is, for lack of better words, an absolute trainwreck. As Charlie, Dennis, Mac, Dee, and Frank prepare for the holiday, they can’t help but let their trademark awfulness chip away at the ol’ Christmas cheer. Out of all the shenanigans these characters have gotten up to over the years, this is one of the only episodes where it’s mildly reasonable to root for the staff of Paddy’s Pub. As the five friends spend their holiday unearthing repressed childhood memories and being hurt both physically and emotionally, one can only ask, “why can’t we all just throw rocks at trains?”
  2. The Office (Peacock) - Season 5, Episode 11: As with any other episode of The Office (US), one can expect some touching moments from season 5’s holiday episode, “Moroccan Christmas.” However, those expectations should be cut down dramatically for this particular adventure in Scranton, PA. This episode sees the Dunder Mifflin employees once again thrown into another classic disaster by their well-intentioned manager, Michael; but this time with a fun Moroccan theme! As colleagues clash and gifts are given, the personal lives of the characters are, as per usual, brought into the spotlight in the most awkward fashion possible. The holidays prove just how dysfunctional every family can be, but this episode serves as cringe-inducing evidence that it could always be worse.
  3. Community (Netflix) - Season 2, Episode 11: Community has a handful of holiday specials that chronicle Greendale Community College’s least studious study group’s members’ personal issues and traditions. However, the second season’s “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” easily takes the cake due to its hilarious, deeply emotional story. The study group’s brilliant and loveable geek, Abed, has his reality shifted when he awakes to find that the world around him has adopted a stop-motion animation styling, prompting his friends to address their growing concerns about his mental health through a series of Rudolph-esque adventures aimed at discovering the true meaning of Christmas.
  4. Seinfeld (Netflix) - Season 9, Episode 10: This classic sitcom’s episode, “The Strike,” features hilarious discourse regarding the legitimacy of the most iconic Festivus (an alternative to Christmas) facets: the Festivus Pole, the feats of strength, the airing of grievances, and many more not-so-traditional traditions. There’s really not a whole lot more than can be said about the story of this particular bit of nothing without ruining the unique experience of getting to watch the episode firsthand. Just remember: it’s a Festivus for the rest of us!
  5. South Park (Prime Video) - Season 2, Episode 16: There’s nothing quite like breaking out into uncontrollable laughter for all the wrong reasons, and South Park’s “Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!” promises just that. As fans of the irreverent satire know all too well, South Park takes no prisoners, leaves no joke untold, and makes fun of just about any person that its talented writing team can think of. This time, it’s Hollywood's most charming cult leader, Charles Manson. Give your loved ones the best gift this Christmas by watching this family-unfriendly holiday special sans-family.

These absurd holiday specials are all great in their own ways, but if you’re looking for more self-contained jolly tales, read on to know more about the best Christmas movies available to stream this December!

What Are the Best Christmas Movies on Netflix?

Our 3 top picks:

  1. Holidate: A cross-holiday romantic comedy.

Very funny!! Never stopped laughing, and neither did my mom. A good way to celebrate every holiday in one day. - @madison_hirn

  1. White Christmas: A classic Christmas musical for the ages.

The epitome of Christmas vibes. Everything about this movie is perfection. The class, vintage clothing, dancing! A romantic and visually aesthetic film. - @vickirosie

  1. A Very Murray Christmas: Star-studded and intimate.

Very dry, subdued, and subtly classy, not unlike its star. Bill Murray plays a caricatured version of himself that's slightly reminiscent of his characters in Groundhog Day and Scrooged (indeed, there are some subtle references to those movies tucked in here too)... While the whole thing is familiar, it's also an unmistakably unique holiday special. - @queer-giraffe

See our Best Christmas Movies & Shows on Netflix list for more available titles.

What Are the Best Christmas Movies on HBO Max?

Our 3 top picks:

  1. A Christmas Story: “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

If you don’t watch this classic movie at least once every year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day you’re not really having a great Christmas! Lol. - @tvandmoviefanatic

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas: A live-action reincarnation.

This one has always been my favorite holiday guilty pleasure! It’s a version that seems to clearly understand that you’ve seen the first one so many times you could recite it forwards and backwards in your sleep and tries something new. And it’s the version I’ll share with my family every Christmas to come. - @dorian_black_7262

  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

The best Christmas movie of all time. I love Chevy Chase and the whole cast. I have seen this over 100 times and will still watch it 100 more! Love it and so funny! - @kyle_movies_123

See our Best Christmas Movies & Shows on HBO Max list for more available titles.

What Are the Best Christmas Movies on Disney+?

Our top picks:

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Spooky, spooky, spooky.

A childhood classic that I can always rely on to make my Christmas/Halloween feel complete. The two holidays are married so perfectly in this movie it’s like they were meant to be together, I can feel the love for both. The music is fantastic and obviously any spooky kid will/have loved this movie. It’s popular for a reason and that reason is cause it’s iconic! - @garbagehands

  1. Miracle on 34th Street (1947): Can’t go wrong with the classics.

Would not be Christmas unless I watch this and a few other holiday movies I love. Each time, I get teary and choked up watching this because it’s just so magical and the little girl inside of me responds. - @catpriestess

  1. Home Alone: Nothing like a nice Christmas robbery.

Always watch this movie on Christmas with family! Grew up with it! Part of our family's tradition now!! A wonderful, gem of a movie. CLASSIC!!! - @didi_mell Honorable mentions: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York & Home Alone 3.

See our Best Christmas Movies & Shows on Disney+ list for more available titles.

What Are the Best Christmas Movies on Prime Video?

Our 3 top picks:

  1. A Madea Christmas: She’s at it again.

One of the best Christmas movies I have ever seen. And Madea is extremely hilarious as usual. - @zyon_gary

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

Such a magnificently done film. So deeply touching, yet jovial, and wrought with encouragement and sweetness. - @lissa_5614

  1. Scrooged: Execu-chic.

One of the best adaptations of Dickens' eternal tale. Bill Murray is at a high here, and all the supporting cast is fantastic. If you don't cry at the end scene, you may not be human. :) - @myles_becker

See our Best Christmas Movies & Shows on Prime Video list for more available titles.

What Are the Best Christmas Movies on Hulu?

Our 3 top picks:

  1. A Christmas Carol (2019): A modern take on a Christmas classic.

It's always been one of my favorite Christmas stories and you've gotta love it as a period-accurate grungy retelling. Plus new imaginative insights into classic characters that give the story a new depth. - @leviangelos

  1. Spencer: Season’s greetings from the royal family.

Absolutely amazing. This movie deserves multiple Oscars. I understand the movie more bc I know a lot about Diana but it may be confusing to those that don’t know a lot about her. - @howaboutyoumsrafferty

  1. Black Christmas: Not the jolliest tale out there.

Who doesn’t love a cheesy 2000s remake? - @trason_danos

See our Best Christmas Movies & Shows on Hulu list for more available titles.

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