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NetflixDec 15, 202210 min

Best TV Shows and Limited Series of 2022 - A Comprehensive List

Popular streaming series like 'Andor,' 'Better Call Saul,' & 'Stranger Things' made for a wild 2022—so picking the best shows of the year was tougher than ever.

By John Farrar

Severance is available to stream now on Apple TV+.
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The 2022 Likewise Choice Awards have come to an end, which means our passionate community of TV lovers has collectively crowned the best series of the year. In fact, they ranked the top 35. Filled with surprise hits that took the internet by storm, like Wednesday, highly anticipated franchises hoping to redeem themselves (we’re looking at you House of the Dragon), and mysterious comedies we can’t look away from—thanks to Only Murders in the Building and others—2022 was a fantastic year for streaming.

Find out what critics and reviewers consider the best of the year at the end of this article. First, take a look at the results of the annual Likewise Choice Awards:

Likewisers' Picks for Best Shows of 2022

  1. Stranger Things: “Loved the thrill and the twists! The special effects and the editing in the show was outstanding as well! Totally recommend!” - @that_one.anxious._.cousin
  2. Wednesday: “Absolutely loved this series! Great mix of humor and creepy vibes. All the cast was amazing. Although, the gen z ‘lingo’ was a bit cringeworthy lol.” -@katie_thompson_771
  3. Heartstopper: “Absolutely heart melting! Nick Nelson figuring out himself and his sexuality really rang true for me. 100000/10” - @riley_grossgloss
  4. Bridgerton: “I am in love! It’s like Pride and Prejudice meets Gossip Girl.” - @leah_henderson_5956
  5. Moon Knight: “Marvel developing mid-level characters and giving them the spotlight is what keeps me coming back, and the MCU gains a winner in Moon Knight.” - @jasonwright
  6. The Summer I Turned Pretty: “I admittedly avoid teen content, but I loved this series growing up so I had to tune in. Super cute, a bit cheesy (as it should be!), and what must have been an insane soundtrack budget. Good summer romance binge” - @meredith
  7. Only Murders in the Building: “This is so good! Nails the mystery vibes, makes me care about plot and characters, but is also so funny & quirky. So bingeable!” - @lauracgeorge
  8. Euphoria:Zendaya is amazing in this! Can be difficult to watch at times but the acting and the raw emotion that these characters display is incredible.” - @joanna_parrino
  9. The Umbrella Academy: “Best TV show I've ever watched! Very diverse characters, MANY unexpected twists, you're always on the edge of your seat, always entertained, and can feel connected with many characters!” - @oliveisconfused
  10. Never Have I Ever: “I am in season 3 of this show and I cannot stop watching it! It's absolutely awesome!” - @i_heart_blue_slushies
  11. Abbott Elementary: “Very quickly became a comfort show super close to my heart. Reminds me of the best and worst parts of growing up in school and all the characters are just so good!! I could gush over this show forever.” - @bianca_rodrigues_9307
  12. House of the Dragon: “In AWE. What a show. If you feel you’ve been burned by the GoT ending, get over it quick and watch this!” - @joslyn
  13. The Sandman: “If you love watching #fantasy shows this one is not to be missed. Amazing concept and several thought-provoking ideas!” - @shemdani
  14. Inventing Anna: “Forty mins in and I was hooked. This might be the best Netflix series of 2022.” - @cassie
  15. Severance: “Visually stunning, great acting, and enough character development that I was really invested. That said, I am SO MAD about the last episode—can’t believe I have to wait for a whole new season!” - @emily_calkins
  16. Ozark: “Just wow, nail biting non stop action that sucks you in. Just Brillant.” - @jennifer_aquino
  17. Obi-Wan Kenobi: “I’ve watched and rewatched this series; it’s so good. The emotional tone, the action, storytelling is all so captivating and feels so in line with the original trilogy/prequels.” - @h_g_9388
  18. The Crown: “Whether you are a history buff or just love drama this unbelievably flawless show will capture you from the credits. A binge watch masterpiece with superb acting that is subtle and literally captures you. You will be an Anglophile in a heartbeat.” - @anita_skop
  19. The Boys: “Action/superhero show but with a twist. I’m not particularly keen on ‘superhero’ content but this I would recommend 10/10. Filled with action, crime, funny at times and a good story line.” - @jenna
  20. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: “This series is beyond fantastic! I don’t normally rewatch series, but this one I will. The set design, costume design, and special effects are so dreamy!” - @blacnbleu
  21. Better Call Saul: “I absolutely adore this show. Better Call Saul is one of those prequels that are just as good as the original series, maybe even a little better. The last season is insane.” - @rat.god
  22. The Bear: “By far one of the best series I’ve watched in a long time. Actors are amazing and their stories too. The pace will trigger your anxiety for sure. But the cinematography is well done and orchestrated. I don’t know who did the research on how it really is in a kitchen, but they are extremely on point. Beautiful.” - @melany_bahl
  23. The White Lotus: “Eerie and ambiguous throughout with an interesting message. Unlike anything I’ve seen before.” - @hannah
  24. The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window: “For a parody, it’s actually very suspenseful and has moments of horror. Worth the watch if you like comedic horror.” - @amanda_lambert_589
  25. The Dropout: “Excellent dramatization of a difficult-to-fathom true story. I found myself hooked and my curiosity piqued, as the show depicts how the lies were perpetuated and ultimately found out.” - @karly_johnson
  26. Russian Doll:Russian Doll is wacky, crazy, and spicy just like the main character Nadia. Love following her in her mind-boggling journey through the space-time continuum." - @sanchali_singhal
  27. The Patient: “Such an interesting concept. The character development was done very well. I really think Steve Carrell shined in this role. Binged this in two days because it was so captivating. Always on the edge of my seat!” - @keri_norman
  28. Barry: “Another one of my favorite shows that I couldn’t put down. Bill Hader plays a depressed hit man trying to turn his life around. Short episodes and captivating story make it just an amazing show. Great acting!” - @kole_murawski
  29. Under the Banner of Heaven: “Never a dull moment, I wasn't even sure I'd like it and I watched the whole season in one night. Very good!” - @karin_8599
  30. Candy: “The story told here is visceral and I loved Jessica Biel, she brought Candy to life!” - @hommydontplaydat
  31. Black Bird: “The story really draws you in from the first episode. Familiar cast; great acting.” - @mco
  32. The Staircase:Colin Firth nails this role so completely it's borderline scary!” - @meredith_healey_gar
  33. Bad Sisters: “Never has a show made me gasp as much as this one! Some of the best TV I’ve seen in quite awhile.” - @upmyali
  34. How I Met Your Father: “Such a cute new show! Looking forward to Season 2 already! The wardrobe is spot on too!” - @olivia_washington_7206
  35. Outer Range: “Great slow-burn sci-fi western with Josh Brolin having a helluva good time acting his heart out. Excellent fun.” - @noelle_barnes_7640

To add these series to your watchlist, check out the full list.

There you have it! These are the top 35 favorite shows among the Likewise community. Some would argue, however, there’s a difference between our favorite shows of the year and the best of the year. So what did the critics think? When stacked up against each other, which shows do critics believe to be the best of the year?

By referencing articles from the top TV review publications—including IndieWire, Vulture, The Ringer, Rotten Tomatoes, and more—we created a list of the general consensus.

Best TV Shows of 2022 (According to Critics)

  1. Severance
  2. The Rehearsal
  3. Bad Sisters
  4. The Bear
  5. Better Call Saul
  6. The White Lotus
  7. Barry
  8. Atlanta
  9. House of the Dragon
  10. Star Wars: Andor
  11. Reservation Dogs
  12. What We Do in the Shadows
  13. Interview with the Vampire
  14. The Patient
  15. Pachinko
  16. Abbott Elementary
  17. Stranger Things
  18. Somebody Somewhere
  19. Heartstopper
  20. The Boys

What a year for streaming! It’s hard to imagine a more entertaining lineup of shows and limited series, but lucky for us, many of these shows will be returning for a new season in 2023. Add them to your watchlist ASAP because there are only a few weeks left in the year!

For more end-of-year content, check out the Likewisers' Picks for Best Movies of 2022 list.

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