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Coming SoonNov 3, 20225 min

Everything Coming to Showtime in November 2022

Showtime released the schedule for November 2022. It includes premieres for brand new original titles like Spector, The L Word: Generation Q, and much more.

By John Farrar

Let the Right One In starts streaming on Showtime 11/5.
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Whether you only subscribe to Showtime or you’ve already binged all the other popular shows, you may be asking yourself: What’s coming to Showtime this month? The streaming service has announced the movies, TV series and sports programming that will be new on Showtime in November. The November 2022 lineup includes docuseries Spector, Let The Right One In Season 1, The L Word: Generation Q Season 3, The Circus Season 7, Ziwe Season 2, and much more.

4 Popular Showtime Originals Returning in November

1. Spector (Series premiere) - Streaming 11/4 The thrilling true crime docuseries Spector examines how the destinies of legendary music producer and convicted murderer Phil Spector and Lana Clarkson became intertwined. The night of February 3, 2003, police were called to at Spector’s eccentric Los Angeles mansion to investigate a report of a fatal shooting of a woman. The victim was Lana Clarkson, a charismatic and well-known film actress whom Spector had met just that night. Each episode in this four-part docuseries explores what happened on that fateful night and tells the stories of both Clarkson and the man who was convicted of her murder.

2. The L Word: Generation Q (Season 3 premiere) - Streaming 11/18 In this sequel to The L Word, viewers continue to follow the intermingled lives of Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals), Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) and Shane McCutcheon (Kate Moennig), along with a new generation of diverse, LGBTQIA+ characters experiencing love, heartbreak, sex, setbacks and success in L.A. Building on the drama and suspense of last season, The L Word: Generation Q returns with unexpected conflicts, old secrets, and new spice as this season’s characters continue their quest for love.

3. The Circus (Season 7 finale) - Streaming 11/13 This real-time documentary series pulls back the curtain on the current political news, revealing the intense, inspiring and infuriating stories behind the headlines. Key characters and events are presented as they are happening. Season 7 of The Circus concludes with an hour-long finale on Nov. 13 as Democrats and Republicans battle for governorships, congressional seats and more in the midterm elections while former president Donald Trump faces serious investigations since leaving office. As the GOP aims to control both chambers of Congress and backlash to the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade continues, The Circus dives in to capture this divisive moment in American history.

4. Let The Right One In - Streaming 11/4: New episodes every Friday This remake of the beloved 2008 Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In follows Mark and his 12-year-old daughter whose lives were changed when she was turned into a vampire 10 years before the events of the series. Frozen at age 12, perhaps forever, Eleanor lives a closed-in life, able to go out only at night, while her father does his best to provide her with the minimal amount of human blood she needs to stay alive. Spooky season may have come to end, but who says creepy vampire shows have to?

While these four Showtime originals are generating buzz and excitement, they are not the only great things arriving on the streaming service in November. Check out everything else that is new to Showtime this month.

Everything Else New to Showtime in November:

November 1

November 3

November 4

November 10

November 13

November 17

November 18

  • Ziwe (Season 2 premiere)

November 21

November 23

November 24

November 25

There you have it! That’s everything new on Showtime this month.

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