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Alexis Daria's updated version of Take the Lead releases on Valentine's Day, 2023.
Coming SoonFeb 10, 202315 min

Q&A with Romance Author Alexis Daria

Author Alexis Daria and podcaster Kelly Reynolds discussed the updated edition of her opposites attract, enemies to lovers, reality TV romance 'Take the Lead.'

Zendaya and Tom Holland take their Spider-Man romance off-screen.
RomanceFeb 9, 20235 min

Hollywood Couples On & Off the Screen

There's nothing fans love more than watching two people fall in love on-screen. Here are five TV & movie couples that are still together in real life!

Shotgun Wedding, released today (1/27/23), stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel.
RomanceJan 27, 202310 min

Jennifer Lopez Rom-Coms Ranked

With the release of Jennifer Lopez’s newest rom-com ‘Shotgun Wedding’, we decided to rank of all of J-Lo’s romantic comedies from best to worst.

Georgie, All Along is the newest novel by author Kate Clayborn
RomanceJan 19, 202320 min

Q&A with Kate Clayborn, Author of Georgie, All Along

Kate Clayborn, author of seven critically acclaimed novels, spoke to podcast host Jennifer Prokop about her new release, 'Georgie, All Along.'

George Clooney stars alongside Julia Roberts in the new rom-com, Ticket to Paradise
RomanceOct 28, 202215 min

The Start of a Rom-Com Renaissance — Ticket to Paradise Surprises at the Box Office

Why is it so hard to find romantic comedies that make us feel the way they did in the 2000s? Ticket to Paradise might be the start of a rom-com renaissance.

HorrorOct 27, 202220 min

Q&A with The Book of Magic Author Alice Hoffman

The Book of Magic author Alice Hoffman chats with fellow novelist Alix E. Harrow about witches, romance, genre wars, and more.

When Harry Met Sally
RomanceOct 5, 20225 min

21 Cozy Fall Movies to Watch Curled Up By the Fireplace

Fall foliage, chunky sweaters, fall-ing in love. These are the best fall movies to cultivate the ultimate cozy fall vibes.

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