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Coming SoonDec 3, 202210 min

Everything Coming to Apple TV+ in December 2022

Your comprehensive list for everything new to Apple TV+ in December, including highly anticipated titles like Emancipation, Acapulco, Mythic Quest, and more.

By John Farrar

Emancipation starts streaming exclusively on Apple TV+ this month.
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With his first appearance since the infamous Oscars slap, Will Smith returns to acting in the upcoming film Emancipation, the story of a slave that embarks on a treacherous journey to reunite with his family— and his freedom. Maybe you’re not in the mood for a heavy-hitting, depressing drama. Fear not, Apple TV+ has a great selection of lighthearted comedies, thrillers, anthology series, and more.

Unlike other streaming services, Apple TV+ offers strictly original content. As a result, there a fewer shows and movies to choose from each month. But for those of you who often feel overwhelmed by choice in the realm of streaming, Apple TV’s limited (and hopefully high-quality) release schedule might appeal to you. Here is everything releasing on Apple TV+ this holiday season.

Apple TV+ Original Shows and Movies Releasing in December:

1) Slow Horses - Season 2 Premiere (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday)
Slow Horses - Season 2 Premiere (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday) poster

Gary Oldman stars as Jackson Lamb, a quick-witted, commonly drunk, secret service agent that leads a dysfunctional team of MI5 agents as they navigate the espionage world’s smoke and mirrors to defend England from sinister forces.

Based on the critically acclaimed book series, Slough House, this spy drama has dialogue that is a step above most espionage stories. As the title suggests, this show is certainly a slow burn but if you enjoy shows like Bodyguard, Slow Horses is worth a watch. If there’s one thing everybody could use a little bit more of in their life, it’s Gary Oldman.

Loved this gritty, darkly funny spy thriller anchored by two great performances from Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott Thomas. Very bingeable, with only six episodes and a second season already on the way. -@emily_calkins

2) Acapulco - Season 2 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday)
Acapulco - Season 2 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday) poster

Twenty-something Máximo Gallardo's dreams come true when he gets the job of a lifetime as a cabana boy at the hottest resort in Acapulco. He soon realizes the job is far more complicated than he ever imagined and in order to succeed, he must learn to navigate a demanding clientele, a mercurial mentor, and a complicated home life, without losing his way to shortcuts or temptations.

Acapulco is escapism at its finest; this cozy, heartfelt comedy takes inspiration from upbeat shows like Ted Lasso and crafts a vibrant, 80s-themed story that you won’t want to end!

One of the best shows on Apple TV+! It's definitely in its own lane, but its overall tone is really upbeat and hopeful, similar to Ted Lasso. -@luanna

3) Shantaram - Season 1 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday)
Shantaram - Season 1 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday) poster

Escaped convict Lin Ford flees to the teeming streets of 1980s Bombay, looking to disappear. Working as a medic for the city’s poor and neglected, Lin finds unexpected love, connection, and courage on the long road to redemption.

It's an interesting story that doesn't give everything away; rather, they provide info in drips and drabs allowing the viewer the opportunity to piece it all together. Acting is good; appreciate that the slums of 1980s 'Bombay' are a central character thus far. -@april_hichens

4) Mythic Quest - Season 3 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday)
Mythic Quest - Season 3 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday) poster

Meet the team behind the biggest multiplayer video game of all time. But in a workplace focused on building worlds, molding heroes, and creating legends, the most hard-fought battles don’t occur in the game—they happen in the office.

Created by Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney from It’s Alway Sunny in Philidelphia, this sardonic comedy fills the void that arose in the heart of every Silicon Valley fan once the series ended.

Can’t say enough good things about this. Perfect casting, writing is on point, and I just smile through every episode. Silicon Valley meets The Office. -@sydney_jones_1257

5) Echo 3 - Season 1 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday)
Echo 3 - Season 1 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday) poster

When brilliant scientist Amber Chesborough vanishes along the Colombia-Venezuela border, her brother and her husband—both elite U.S. Army commandos—struggle to find her amid a guerilla war, discovering that the woman they love might have a secret.

While it might not be to the level of Reacher or The Terminal List, this military thriller is an exciting story of revenge with fantastic action. What more could you want from a show like this? If you enjoy military thrillers, you’ll get more of what you already love. If you don’t, this series is not for you because despite being beautifully filmed and edited, it unfortunately offers nothing new to the genre.

Tough, tense and thoughtful, this is a deeply grown-up thriller — and more compelling journalistic filmmaking from co-showrunner Mark Boal. -John Nugent (Empire Magazine)

6) The Mosquito Coast - Season 2 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday)
The Mosquito Coast - Season 2 Cont'd (Streaming 12/2 - New episodes every Friday) poster

Allie Fox—a brilliant inventor and stubborn idealist—uproots his family for a dangerous quest through Mexico to flee the U.S. government and find safety. Based on the New York Times bestselling novel by the same name, this drama follows a family on the run. From who? We’re not entirely sure. At the start of episode 1, the viewer is totally in the dark, being given just enough clues to keep you hooked.

Fun fact: The star of the series, Justin Theroux, is the nephew of Paul Theroux, the author of the original novel.

Love love loved. Drama + Crime + Underworld at it's finest! -@kate_marie_1250

7) Emancipation (Streaming 12/9)
Emancipation (Streaming 12/9) poster

Inspired by the gripping true story of a man who would do anything for his family—and for freedom. When Peter, an enslaved man, risks his life to escape and return to his family, he embarks on a perilous journey of love and endurance.

Due to Will Smith’s controversial year, some viewers still don’t want to see him in shows or movies. While that’s a valid reason to potentially pass on this film, the trailer paints the movie to be another heroic journey and character study, which tends to be the type of role Will Smith thrives in. At this point, we can only hope his performance has as much conviction and nuance as his roles in I Am Legend and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Peter’s story and Smith’s warmth carry you through this movie, which has heart and conviction and toughness… -Manohla Dargis (New York Times)

8) Little America - Season 2 Premiere (Streaming 12/9)
Little America - Season 2 Premiere (Streaming 12/9) poster

Inspired by the true stories featured by Epic Magazine, Little America goes beyond the headlines to look at the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring, and surprising stories of immigrants in America, which are more relevant now than ever.

Produced by Kumail Nanjani, creator of The Big Sick, this series serves as a well-directed collection of short stories that attempt to capture the essence of what it means to be an immigrant in America.

Little America is a thoughtful show, made with evident care and consideration for doing justice to the heritages depicted. -Caroline Framke (Variety)

There you have it! That’s everything new on Apple TV+ this month. Save these shows and movies on Likewise and give them a watch during winter break!

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