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Coming SoonNov 4, 20225 min

Everything Coming to Apple TV+ in November 2022

Your list of new and returning Apple TV+ titles to discover this November. Featuring Mythic Quest, The Mosquito Coast, Central Park, and more.

By Zak Price

Apple TV+ releases fan favorites like Mythic Quest and more this November.
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Fans of holiday specials rejoice! The titles coming to Apple TV+ this month may not be numerous, but as they say, “quality over quantity.” Alongside holiday favorites like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, returning Apple TV+ originals Mythic Quest, The Mosquito Coast, and Central Park have garnered quite a bit of excitement from loyal viewers in the past. If you’re anxious to see the streaming service’s new and returning TV shows, movies, and holiday specials, read on for Likewise user reviews and our comprehensive list of everything newly available to stream on Apple TV+ starting today and continuing for the rest of the month!

Most Talked About Apple TV+ Originals Returning this Month

1. Mythic Quest | A new kind of workplace comedy is born with Mythic Quest, the next big thing from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creators Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney (the latter also leading the incredibly talented cast). Detailing the trials and tribulations of game developers struggling to maintain the status of the show’s titular video game, this Apple TV+ original gets much love from Likewisers:

“It’s like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia mixed with Community (and yes, features characters from both but that’s not why I think that.) it’s very cute and pleasant and I love getting a fictional glimpse behind video game makers (though I’m sure it’s less than realistic). It has random poignancy and I really appreciate that.” -@cynthia_clark_7086

“Can’t say enough good things about this. Perfect casting, writing is on point, and I just smile through every episode. Silicon Valley meets The Office meets if HBO and SciFi channels collaborated on the making.” -@sydney_jones_1257

2. The Mosquito Coast | The Mosquito Coast, originally debuting in 2021 and returning for its long-awaited second season this month, follows the brilliant Allie Fox’s (Justin Theroux) journey as he and his family seek solace from the US government. This thrilling and action-packed conspiracy epic expertly navigates intense story points while its electric cast of characters similarly navigate their sprawling travels and dangerous close calls. Considering this, it’s no surprise that the streaming favorite is a frequent subject of discussion for Likewise users:

“This show was SHOCKINGLY great. It felt like the perfect combination of suspense and MacGyver.” -@trace_anderson

“So far so good. I am hooked. Well acted. Moves pretty well. It’s slowly pushing out the storyline. Based on a book I admittedly haven’t read so there’s that.” -@holly_dapolito

3. Central Park | Although Central Park showcases a familiar art style known from fan-favorite Bob’s Burgers, the Apple TV+ original show makes a hard shift with its narrative direction; namely, its playful formatting as an episodic musical. Both well-spoken and well-sung cast members paint a beautiful picture of the Tillerman family members’ lives as they clash with a real estate tycoon hellbent on developing a large scale condominium complex to replace the NYC park. Likewisers users are quick to sing their praise for the returning musical:

“It's quirky and I love the animation. So crispy and clean. And it's funny. If you love Bob’s Burgers this is like his sweet cousin show. Great representation of people and gender. Really good show.” -@estelle_goueth

“Absolutely, the songs are really good, the genres are varied, and all of the characters are likeable. If you enjoyed Bob’s Burgers and it's humour then you'll like this show too.” -@sebastien_therrien

Evidently Apple TV+ is coming in hot this November with these great originals, all of which and more can be found below along with their arrival dates.

Everything New to Apple TV+ This Month

November 4

November 11

November 18

November 23

While the list of everything coming to Apple TV+ this month may be a bit short, the titles arriving on the streaming service are drumming up a lot of talk and should make for some great viewing experiences!

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