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Coming SoonDec 2, 20225 min

Everything Coming to Tubi in December 2022

Likewise has you covered for everything new to Tubi this December; check out our list to know when these movies and shows begin streaming!

By Zak Price

Stanley Kubrick's classic is available to stream on Tubi this December.
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As the holidays and brisk weather conditions start to roll around, this time of year can become incredibly hectic for those that celebrate. The stresses of family gatherings, gift buying, and having to break out the ol’ snow shovel can weigh down even the most resilient of us; making absolutely sure to incorporate some much needed leisure time is a must if one hopes to remain sane during such a crazy season. Luckily, streaming services such as Tubi have full streaming release calendars for newly available movies and TV shows to help ease the mind and body between December’s fully-packed days and nights. Compiled below is our comprehensive list of all the new movies and shows coming to Tubi this month, make sure to check it out for some phenomenal titles to start streaming this December!

3 Tubi Original Movies Releasing this Month:

  1. Bed Rest - 12/7: Bed Rest, starring Melissa Barrera as protagonist Julie Rivers, details the twisted battle of a pregnant woman resigned to a lengthy recovery period of bed rest. Soon finding herself disturbed by a veritable host of not-so-normal occurrences, Rivers is given no choice but to begrudgingly pick apart her own psyche; is her recovery locale haunted, or is her mind playing tricks on her? This Tubi original film shows just how much more bone-chilling paranormal experiences can be when one is unable to escape their domain.
  2. The Stepmother 2 - 12/23: Both emotionally charged and thrilling, The Stepmother 2 follows Elizabeth’s (Erica Mena) struggle to escape her troubled past. After narrowly escaping death, she sets off on a mission to cultivate her ideal life, a task that proves more difficult than she had hoped. While coming to terms with painful memories of past traumas and grappling with dissociative identity disorder, Elizabeth’s path to achieving her own happily ever after takes many an unexpected turn. Guaranteed to keep viewers on the edges of their seats, The Stepmother 2 releases this month exclusively on Tubi.
  3. Terror Train 2 - 12/30: For fans that have been waiting patiently for the sequel to Terror Train, this sequel is set up to neatly fill that killer clown shaped hole. The handful of surviving teens from the original continue to fight for their lives as they are pursued by a viciously violent assailant that utilizes the titular train’s claustrophobic conditions to further terrify his prey. Terror Train 2 arrives on Tubi just before December’s end, and promises to be a pulp horror movie worthy of a watch.

While these Tubi original movies are noteworthy in their own regards, the streaming service rides into December with an even larger selection of free-to-watch titles to choose from.

Tubi’s December Release Schedule:

December 1

December 2

December 7

December 11

December 14

December 15

December 16

December 17

December 18

December 21

December 23

December 30

And with the that, the list of Tubi’s December releases is concluded; make sure to log into Likewise to let our community know which one of these movies and TV shows is your new favorite!

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